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Diary 2020

31 January               Recital, St Bride's, Fleet Street

18 March                 Recital, St Alban's Cathedral

8 April                      Recital, St Mary's, Quarry Street, Guildford

18 April                    Recital, St Margaret's, Warnham (National Organ Day)

26 April                     Services at Westminster Abbey with the Elysian Singers

22 May                     Recital, Kilianskirche, Korbach

21 June                     Recital, Westminster Abbey

24 September         Recital,  Ypres Cathedral

21 October              Recital, St Alban's Cathedral (postponed from 18 March)

6 November            Recital, St Stephen Walbrook, to include Vierne Second Symphony

15 November          Recital, Westminster Cathedral (Howells, Tobokova, Bach, Mulet)

18 November         Recital, Christ Church Leatherhead - Bach, Vierne, Philip Moore Sonata

2 1 November          Recital, Notre Dame de Paris (postponed pending restoration of the cathedral).

29 November         Advent Sunday services at St Margaret's, Warnham.  Orgelbuchlein BWV  599 - 602

20 November         Christmas carol service at St Margaret's, Warnham.  Orgelbuchlein BWV 603 - 612

Entries in italics are concerts postponed due to Covid 19.

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