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Concerts and repertoire

'The combination of your playing, the selection of 20th Century music, and the quality of the organ  made this the most exciting organ concert I've ever heard'. NC, King's College Cambridge, 2018


I have two simple criteria for choosing to play a piece; I love the music and feel that I have something to say. I enjoy the earliest music as well as the most modern, from Alain to Zipoli, the lollipops just as much as the most challenging contemporary offering.

I have been lucky enough to give concerts on some of the finest organs in the world, including Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, King's College, Cambridge, St Thomas's Fifth Avenue, New York and Notre Dame de Paris. Practising in these buildings at the dead of night by yourself is a magical privilege, but playing a beautiful small instrument before an appreciative audience  can be just as rewarding.

I am the principal organist for the Elysian Singers of London with whom I have performed some of the most challenging works in the repertoire, including the Durufle Requiem  and Peter Maxwell  Davies's Solstice of Light.

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